The Trading Spaces Drinking Game

Take a drink every time:

(Bonus! means take an extra shot. Double Bonus! means, well, chug.)

  • Ty climbs into cabinetry.
  • a designer rips out a ceiling fan. Bonus! if the homeowner made a big deal about not wanting the ceiling fan ripped out.
  • someone mentions the name of the show.
  • they show the Trading Spaces logo truck.
  • Frank says "whimsical" or "whimsy."
  • a designer tries to "fake out" the homeowners about a design or paint color.
  • Amy Wynn tries to get a female homeowner to use a power tool. Bonus! if the homeowner uses the tool incorrectly.
  • a homeowner says "I have to put my foot down."
  • Hildi climbs a ladder in high heels.
  • someone mentions Genevieve's bare feet.
  • Doug's hair changes from one scene to another (curly to straight, gelled to dry, etc.).
  • Vern jokes about doing an awful design. Bonus! if it takes less than a second to think of another designer who actually would do said awful design. Double Bonus! if the designer you think of is actually doing the other room.
  • Laurie uses a string of three or more adjectives to describe a design element. Bonus! if the string of adjectives includes "smart" or "handsome" or "amaaaaaazing!"
  • a designer paints a room black but claims it's a different color. Bonus! if the designer paints a room black or navy but insists the room is not dark because of the white curtains or trim.
  • Hildi tries to kill a small child with her design.
  • Laurie says "Ya'll are fabulous" "Ya'll are the best" or "Ya'll are fantastic."
  • a designer says "I'm the designer" (as in, "because I'm the designer" or "that's why I'm the designer.")
  • the designer leaves more than $10 in the budget.
  • another cast member makes fun of Frank. Bonus! if Frank isn't even on that particular show.
  • Doug complains bitterly about his childhood.
  • The floor ends up indesputably worse than before they started.
  • Hildi sits on Ty's lap
  • Frank has sweatstains
  • Vern or Amy Wynn says "Sweet!"
  • the home owner mentions a designer or carpenter who isn't on the episode
  • the alleged theme of Gen's room in no way resembles the finished product.
  • Doug stalks off in a huff (or snit).
  • Paige Davis shrieks at someone about the time.
  • a designer drags in some debris from the HO's yard as a design element (wood chips, sticks, twigs, etc.).
  • Ty complains about his workload. Bonus! if you've seen Amy Wynn handle three times as much.
  • Amy Wynn says she's "excited" about a design. Bonus! when it is quite clear she is lying through her teeth. Double Bonus! if she badmouths the design behind the designer's back.
  • a designer or host is seen dancing during the transitional, high-speed pre-reveal scenes. Bonus! If they are dancing with a homeowner.
  • a HO asks during the reveal where the tv is.
  • a male HO refuses to comment until his wife does.
  • the designer does the EXACT thing the HOs say they would most hate during the pre-show interview. Bonus! if you correctly predict which designer will do a HOs room because s/he is the most likely of all the designers to do this.
  • Doug is assigned to redo the room of a proud owner of a lawn goose and/or Longaberger basket collection.
  • Laurie says something in the room will "pop." Bonus! if Paige says the same thing during the pre-reveal interview ("The ___ really pops!") [thanks to Angela!]

Extra end-of-show guzzle: If you're not drunk enough, take a drink for every time the homeowner says a variation on the Lord's name during the reveal: "Oh my God!" "Good Lord" "Lord help us!" "Good God" etc. This will get you drunk for sure! [thanks to Linda Murphy-Boyer!]

Note: Some of these came from a Trading Spaces message board, and I lost the name of the person who wrote them! If it's you, send me an email, and please accept my apologoy for not attributing properly. I'll be happy to rectify the situation if you write to me!

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