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I’m newly reenergized to write for this blog, for a number of reasons. But a quick review showed it needed an update.

So I dived in quickly to update a couple of plugins, revise the layout a bit, and freshen up with a new coat of virtual paint. And yet… nothing’s changed.

The sponsorship plugin still appears, despite the fact that I uninstalled it. My Twitter feed won’t update. None of the changes I made are showing, even after I’ve cleared my cache.

It certainly takes the wind out of my sails to come rarin’ to go and be met with dumb technical difficulties.

I’m testing slideshow plugins. Here’s the first one, Soliloquy Lite Responsive Slider:

So far, so good. Really easy to use and can add links and captions. Best of all, it’s responsive.

The only thing I don’t like is that the captions are over the navigational buttons.

Always use a permanent email address (e.g., gmail) to set up your blog.

Because if you use your work email, and then you change jobs, you can’t log in to your own damned blog.

And that’s a PITA.

I will be lecturing tomorrow on the value of photos, video, & music in social media at NYU’s Digital Social Media Marketing & Execution Summer Intensive.

Students are required to tweet, so see what they say at #NYUSMI all week!

We frequently discuss how we will reward users when we reach a certain number of Facebook fans. Coupons are always welcome for consumer goods, and everyone loves a prize, but there have to be more inventive (and less logistically challenging) ways to get people excited about getting your numbers up.

Piggly Wiggly, the supermarket chain, came up with a great idea: users voted on what type of dance Mr. Pig, their mascot, would perform on their Facebook page on the day they hit 25,000 fans. Voters got excited, numbers got boosted, and now, you and I can enjoy watching Mr. Pig do the “Single Ladies” dance. Not to be missed…


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In an interesting follow-up to yesterday’s Twitter story, emarketer reports the results of a study showing, among other things,

“Users indicated that more responsive brands would benefit from greater loyalty and purchasing. Almost 60% of respondents said they would be more likely to follow a brand that answered them, and 64% said they would be more likely to make a purchase from that brand.”

Also of note is the finding that many users Tweet questions to their followers without actually addressing the message to a brand, yet still appreciate answers from the brand.

Read the article here.

After the success of Content Strategy Applied last year, eBay and Red Lorry/Yellow Lorry again present the only conference that provides the tools and guidance for real-world application of content strategy. Featuring case studies and workshops, Content Strategy Applied 2012 gives attendees the “how-to” of Content Strategy, not just the “why.”

The conference features four tracks to address the needs of beginners and experienced content strategists alike. I will be leading the track (or “stream,” as the UK folks call it) for Content Strategy for Social Media and Mobile.

Developing a complete content strategy is no longer just about web content. With the explosion of social media as both a popular consumer choice and an invaluable business platform, it is critical to consider how your strategy works in these new channels. More and more, people are consuming content not on their computer but on mobile devices. And now, tablets are shifting the digital paradigm again.

How do you plan for something like Facebook, where the conversation changes and evolves daily? What’s the right content for a Facebook page, and what content would be better on YouTube, in an app, or on your web site? How do you know what is the right channel to distribute your content? Do you even need a Twitter account, and if you do, how can you use it strategically to distribute valuable content? And how can you measure your success?

In this track, we’ll explore key social media channels and how to integrate them into your overall Content Strategy. Learn how to develop effective content for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. Discover the value of social bookmarking and content sharing. Workshops, case studies and interactive sessions will explore the challenges of creating an effective and usable Content Strategy for these moving targets. You’ll come away with an understanding of best practices for social media and mobile, and the skills you need to develop effective, integrated Content Strategy across all of today’s dynamic digital media.

Please let me know if you have particular questions you’d like answered or topics you’d like to discuss at the conference. I would love to hear from you!

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Even though I hate the term “pillars,” I like this summary of 6 social influencers to consider by @brendanhughes http://bit.ly/dGieKI


Snickers has introduced the Facebook button everyone has been waiting for: The LOVE button. http://bit.ly/eeFWVQ


A Spam Poem


You really should read this
Before you say ”Bull”, please read the following.
Let me get right to the point.
As seen on Oprah!
As seen on National TV.
What is this amazing product?

Increases her sexual desire
Reduces craving for sweets
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Increases ejaculation volume by up to 581%
Drives traffic to your website

Works in 2 to 5 minutes!
Nothing like this is available anywhere else!
Nothing more potent can be called Legal!
It will terminate your credit card debt

Aids in the absorption of fat
It will make your penis grow in both length and thickness by a whopping 26%
Enhances physical sensation and pleasure for women.
Never shows up in drug screenings!

It works right away, and it’s about to sweep the world.
Adds 1 to 3 inches to your penis
Without the jitters or sleepless nights.
Acts like a natural magnet to attract fat

The best thing since peanut butter!
It’s 100% natural, completely safe
Contains no banned substances
Has no known side effects.

It will empower you to take back the control of your life!
Free lighted keychain with every order.


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